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Flexible packaging

A Flexible Packaging is a container of any form and dimension, whose inner atmosphere for nature of the constituent material, has an equal pressure to the atmospheric one, even if it is perfectly hermetic. It is always in equilibrium with the value of the external pressure, being able itself to adapt to the variations of external total pressure.

For the last few years the flexible packaging field presents high trend of increase respect to the rigid packaging (glass and metal).

Flexible packaging Flex Packaging

Advantages in the packing of flexible packaging:

  • Possibility to made the container during the filling act

  • High guarantee on the shelf life of the product

  • Lower weight of the pack

  • More effective promotion of the product

  • Pack undestructibility

  • No risks on cuts and/or slashes

  • Less cost of transport

  • Less obstruction in the storehouse

  • More effective service of the pack

The flexible packaging forms, typologies and formats are numerous and diversified: envelopes, bags in the shape of tetrahedron or parallelepiped, stand up bags, etc…… The used supports are both plastic films with different chemical-physical characteristics and thin paper supports.